Committed to Providing a Relaxing Atmosphere

Paint for Peace Gaming Lounge and Social Clubs are Community Based Businesses that support the narrative of Social Equity and equality of business ownership of people of color.

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Our Specialty

Our unique gaming concept retro desk top CPU Virtual Reality most-up-to-date gaming consoles with a game library of 100 games or more and usage of the event spaces from painting classes experience pod casting to network from gives or community a multifaceted experience that adults over the age of 21 can enjoy and bring out the inner child for a moment just to be free of the stresses of everyday life in a safe environment where they can engage with spouses friends or other people from all walks of life building possibilities of new friendships or just to know familiar face in the community they live in.

Non Profit

Paint 4peace Children’s Village is a non for profit organization that only employes volunteers no staff whatsoever, receives no type of compensation being apart of this organization there are the rewards are the results of the lives of the children we help support mold help transition in to adulthood making a better community and society in whole. We want volunteers that are committed because they chose to see the wrongs of not stepping up and being part of the process of taking accountability and in the physical form and dedicating themselves to the process of change from their hearts. Volunteers from all walks of life elders, church leaders, teachers, police and every day mothers, and fathers that are willing to donate the time and efforts to help mentor to children in all matters from scholastic arts trades sports government city, state and military brining them to the light of what they may want to become in life.

All proceeds, donations government grants in totality will only be spent on the children for their welfare and benefit no exceptions for the needs of an location outside activities to their day-to-day lives at home to ensure the development of the quality of life that every child deserves it take GOD and community to work together to raise a community of children that are the future protecting them from gang influences gun violence at home or any form rape or abuse and it is all our responsibility!!!! (cause the child you ignore may be the child that kills your child) and the officer that knows our children by their names are less likely to kill our children this is a society effort.

These are just some of what Paint4Peace Children Village organization will help do for the support and healing process in our community with the funding of community based business that are patronized by supporter of Paint Puff N Peace Children Village organization will help do for the support and healing process in our community with the funding of community based business that are patronized by supporters of Paint Puff N Peace Gaming and Social Clubs.

We are committed to opening these locations in different effected communities of NY the other 51 states and abroad in other countries that need this support to make a better world check out to witness what GOD and Community can do to make a better world. Are you up for the challenge????? We are!!!!

Paint Puff N Peace Gaming Lounge